Niels Verschuren

2015 – 2017 Hogeschool Rotterdam
Arts & Crafts, jewelry
Associate degree in Design (related to the Bachelor’s degree)

2011 – 2015 SintLucas in Boxtel
Design of spatial presentation and communication
Secondary vocational education

Working Experience
2016 Internship Ted Noten
2014 Internship Sander Mulder
2013 Internship Teun Fleskens

October 2016 My own design Studio

Niels Verschuren
Born in 1995 and I passionately studied at Sint Lucas College in Boxtel. Afterthat I wanted to specialize in jewelry at the Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam, where I graduated in 2017.

Always busy with projects and working on my ideas to use my own techniques and to work in my own style. An artisan who wants to work with new techniques and wants to create something new.

By experimenting with different techniques and materials I try to get the most out of the project. The combination and balance that I search in the mechanical engineering andcraft provides new and unique work, where detail is paramount. Looking back to the forgotten jewelry you will experience the nostalgia through a contemporary effect.