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In our daily lives we ​​are being chased by everything around us, society gives you “rules of life” that everyone should adhere to, while we ourselves try to get away from them. To grab the free time and do what we need for ourselves. However, these two directions cannot exist without each other and create a balance that everyone is looking for. However, this balance is more often than not distorted.

This resulted in this toll series. All unique in themselves. Your own material, your own form and your own story. Also, each variant is made by a different technique, so that at each turn of the toll, there is a surprising circulation and you are fascinated until the last moment. This keeps you looking until the toll has stopped turning and you come to yourself, you are in the here and now. No longer busy with everything around you and you take a moment to rest in the daily grind of life.

For example, twelve tolls have been created that you can read in two different ways. The first reading method is the four basic materials. Namely metal, transparency, rock and wood that represent the four dimensions. The fourth dimension is seen as time. It is there, but you cannot see, touch or manipulate it and this is my translation.

The second way of reading is the translation of the watch, the free time and the balance we are looking for.

At 2, 5, 8 and 11 o’clock the clock is present, so we are being hunted. The tops from this series are the most stable of all and are deduced from the watch as we all know it. A time that is fixed, a time that you have to comply with and thus are “obliged” to obey.

At 3, 6, 9 and 12 hours there is the free time everyone strives for, the fun things in life, the things we enjoy most. This reflects the most organic forms that we control the least, so you can just indicate your own turn.

At 1, 4, 7 and 10 hours there is the balance we need between both directions and what everyone is looking for. This series, however, consists of the most shaky toll variants out there, but they are all the more interesting when you see them moving.

For which series do you go and how much time do you take for yourself?

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